Hey Delta, is it this hard to find an iPad?

So this post is a bit of a rant more than anything, so for the three regular readers of this blog feel free to skip over this post. I promise to make this foray a brief one.

I made a blunder on my flight home from Atlanta to Akron/Canton Airport a few weeks ago; I left my lovely, SugarCRM logo and my name engraved iPad safely in it’s case in the seat pocket of seat 3A. D’oh!

I realized this the moment I got home, and being a bit of a snow storm decided it not prudent to risk life and limb to return to the airport. Calling the airport informing them of this, they took my name and number as said they would ask the Delta desk about this. Being my self driven self, I started tracing the plane, and saw it was doing a CAK-ATL-CAK-ATL-OMA run that day, so figured it would end up in one of CAK, ATL, or OMA ( Omaha for those who aren’t as familiar with airport codes ).

So I went back to the airport at CAK, and they didn’t have it ( but had another iPad someone lost on a plane ), and called OMA, which didn’t see it either. My guess is that it’s in ATL, but low and behold, THERE IS NO NUMBER TO CALL ABOUT DELTA LOST AND FOUND AT ATLANTA. That’s right, nobody to call and ask, nor anyone I could be transfered to that will call there and ask. What do they want you to do? Fill out a web form and hope for the best. Which I did, and all I am left with is hope :-(.

So my call to the blogosphere and twittersphere is this: short of going down to Atlanta and stalking the Lost and Found desk, who can I call to help me.

Written on February 1, 2012