"Hey, didn't you use to blog?"

I imagine the title of this post is probably on the minds of all three of the regular readers of this blog ( or probably not, since you probably figured this was on the slow road to just another abandoned Wordpress blog ). Well, as often in the case, life gets in the way, and in this case more so my professional life than anything ( though having an additional little one in the picture certainly didn’t help ). Let me recap my last few months:

  • Got an incredible promotion to become the Community Manager at SugarCRM. While I feel incredibly blessed to be in this role, it has lead to…
  • More travel ( Delta’s gonna throw me a party at the end of the year )
  • More blogging on a different blog, and a lot more frequently
  • Writing another book, this time with the fine folks at O’Reilly and in a much shorter time window
  • Much less coding time than before, and more “cat herding” so to speak ( those in similar community roles know what I mean here :-) )
  • The privilege to meet a lot of really cool people from all over the world.

…which naturally means even less time for blogging ( and heck, this is only post 33 so it’s not like I’ve been that chatty on it ).

What does this mean for this blog? Surely I don’t want to abandon it, so I kinda want to use this outlet to share some thoughts and insights on my interactions with the industry as a whole. Plus, I’ll continue to pimp some of my upcoming and past speaking gigs, just in case I have a secret fan club forming :-P.

So long story short, stay tuned, and hopefully there will be something interesting coming out of this blog in the very near future.

Written on August 25, 2011
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