Making software management tools work for you - see it at

Coming this March, I’ll be premiering a new at entitled “Making software management tools work for you”.

The inspiration for this talk came from seeing soo many talks about using the gazillion different tools out there, from version control and bug tracking to project planning and collaboration. Each talk does a great job at introducing the tool and talking about how it works. The big void I hope to fill is to how to evaluate and develop your processes, and then how to pick the right tools to make support your process. I’m going to draw on experiences I’ve had in working with different types of team, and hope to illustrate that there is no “silver bullet” of management tools, but rather that tools should compliment the process your team has in order to achieve true efficiency.

Be sure to register by January 22 to get in on the early-bird $200 of offer. Big thanks to the organizers of the conference for accepting my talk; I’m really excited to hear the feedback from it.

Written on January 14, 2010
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