Where I'm speaking at next...

I have a number of exciting talks coming to a conference near you…

  • Next weekend I’ll be in Antwerp for the 2012 PHPBenelux Conference. This has grown to be a favorite conference of mine, as you can’t go wrong with a combination of PHP, great people, great chocolate ( just ask the wife ), Belgian Beer, and Belgian Fries. In fact, I’m so much a fan of the show that I’m having my company, SugarCRM, be the platinum sponsor for the event. We’ll have a booth and a hacking lounge there, where we will bribe developers with free t-shirts and other prizes for hacking on the codebase and building new integrations between Sugar and various other frameworks, applications, and services. I’ll also be debuting a new talk, Working successfully outside the cube, where I’ll be talking about how to become a successful remote employee and how to become a more remote friendly employer.

  • Then, the following week I’ll be a part of the [The Virtual Git Summit hosted by php architect](http://www.phparch.com/phparchitect-live-presents-the-virtual-git-summit/) on February 1st. I’ll be doing a talk entitled “Subversion to Git: A Sugar Story”, where I’ll be talking about how we at Sugar moved to git and GitHub, including why we did it, how we did it, the challenges and successes of the move, and what we can do now that we are using git. With a great lineup of speakers, it should provide a great overview of using git in real life.

  • And then in March, I’ll be a part of another virtual conference Day Camp 4 Developers #4: Business 101. A great conference for those looking to move out into doing your own gigs, my talk entitled “Is it good for the company?” will center around helping developers learn the ins and outs of corporate culture, learning how to deal with it in order to grow you career. It’s a packed conference with some of the best and brightest minds in the community that have real world experience with building a career around software development.

Hopefully you can make one or more of them :-)

Written on January 19, 2012
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